PCT '99 (cont'd)

Mt. Whitney to Tuolumne Meadows

By Jim Bruton

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Section H: Mt. Whitney to Tuolumne Meadows
6/15/99 Meadow looking east. Mt. Barnard? Possibly Mt. Whitney on far right.
6/15/99 Self portrait. Actually walking south because the self timer went off before I thought it would.
6/15/99 Forester Pass, south side. Switchbacks just visible in snow. The pass itself, 13,180 ft., is in the notch above and slightly left of the hiker, who is Kelli Hobi with her dog, Scout.
6/15/99 Rebecca Wiliams climbing Forester Pass Unnamed lake below, to the south.
6/15/99 Kelli Hobi ascending Forester Pass.
6/15/99 Rebecca Williams on the headwall of Forester Pass.
6/15/99 Kelli Hobi (L) and Rebecca Willimas, Forester Pass near the top.
6/15/99 Kelli Hobi (L) and Rebecca Williams on top of Forester Pass, 13,180 ft., the highest point on the PCT.
6/15/99 Jim Bruton on Forester Pass
6/15/99 Panorama, north side of Forester Pass. Unnamed lake is at 12,248 ft.
6/15/99 Rebecca Williams on north side of Forester Pass.
6/15/99 Jim Bruton, Forester Pass north side.
6/15/99 Rebecca Williams & Kelli Hobi resting.
6/15/99 Rebecca Williams glad to see green trees ahead.
6/16/99 Camp above treeline -- my bear can with all my food fell off on the descent of Forester Pass, and I had to go back up after dark to retrieve it. Morning picture.
6/16/99 Bullfrog Lake, on Kearsarge Pass trail going out to Independence. Kearsarge Pinnacles on left.
6/18/99 Jan and Anna going up Kearsarge Pass after stop in Independence.
6/18/99 Climbing the east side of Kearsarge Pass. Five hikers can be picked out.
6/18/99 Kearsarge Pass
6/18/99 Kearsarge Pass, Jim Bruton w/ ? and ?
6/18/99 Jim Bruton on Kearsarge Pass. View looks west.
6/18/99 Kearsarge Pass, Jan, Anna, ? and ?
6/18/99 Ascending Glen Pass - unknown hiker
6/18/99 Glen Pass - that's Jan & Anna over there.
6/18/99 Looking down north side of Glen Pass.
6/18/99 Anna, north side of Glen Pass.
6/18/99 Jim Bruton, north side of Glen Pass.
6/18/99 Rae Lakes, late afternoon. View approaching the lakes from the SW.
6/19/99 Suspension bridge over Woods Creek, map H5.
6/19/99 Deer near Twin Lakes, south of Pinchot Pass.
6/19/99 Woods Creek beside PCT going up towards Pinchot Pass.
6/19/99 Pinchot Pass seen approaching it - a few switchbacks are just visible. The eye could see all the switchbacks.
6/19/99 Atop Pinchot Pass, looking back south.
6/20/99 Panorama atop Mather Pass, looking north. Palisade Crest in the distance middle and right. Middle Palisade Glacier is on the other side, beyond sight.
6/21/99 A not-too-shy marmot, Muir pass.
6/21/99 Muir Hut. I should have spent the night here, as the snow going down the north side was 2-3 miles of post-holing. In the morning it would have been an easy walk on hard crust. By all reports, the hut is surprisingly warm at night.
6/21/99 Sapphire Lake north of Muir Pass, evening coming on.
6/21/99 Upper Evolution Lake, sunset.
6/21/99 Evolution Lake, sunset.
6/23/99 Heart Lake seen from atop Selden Pass, map H 14, looking south.
6/23/99 Marie Lake from Selden Pass, looking north.
6/24/99 Hikers waiting for ferry at east end of Lk. Edison.
6/24/99 Hikers getting on the ferry at east end of Lk. Edison.
6/26/99 Afternoon ferry out of Vermillion Valley Resort. (L to R) Troubador, Tradja, and Neil. The resort was great, if high-priced.
6/27/99 Rainbow Falls, near Reds Meadow Resort.
6/28/99 Thousand Island Lake.
6/28/99 View of Lyell Canyon, map H 22, seen from Donahue Pass. Tuolumne Meadows in distance, the end of section H.

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