PCT '99

Tahachapi Pass to Mt Whitney

By Jim Bruton

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Section F: Tehachapi Pass to Walker Pass
5/30/99 9:50 am. Wind turbines on ridge line. Looking back toward Tehachapi Pass.
5/30/99 1:55 pm. Vestas wind turbines
5/31/99 8:35 am. Vestas wind turbines, north of Golden Oak Spring.
6/2/99 8:37 am. Morning in camp. The Walrus Microswift tent worked well for me, but I have to say the weather in '99 was so pleasant, I never actually had to use it in a true rain! But I'm told they're very dry :)
6/5/9912:50 pm. Fox that was lying on the trail when I came up on him. A telephoto lens would have been of service here.Near Spanish Needle Creek.
Section G: Walker Pass to Mt. Whitney
6/7/99 11:40 am. Kennedy Meadows, view approaching it from the south.
6/10/99 9:50 am. Kennedy Meadows store, porch.Anybody can ID the people here?
6/12/99 10:40 am. Owens Dry Lake.
6/12/99 approx. 8 pm. Poison Meadow, creek. View while purifying water. Just a couple of miles south of Cottonwood Pass.
6/13/99 10:12 am. Panorama from just above Chicken Spring Lake, looking north toward the Mt. Whitney area.
6/13/99 10:20 am. Big Whitney Meadow, from a point just a few yards from the previous picture.
6/13/99 Afternoon. First view of Mt. Whitney, descending toward Crabtree Meadow. That's Andy McKerrow there, who was also taking a photo op.
6/14/99 Whitney Summit - left to right Jim Bruton, Rebecca Williams, Lia von Damm, and Andy McKerrow. I forgot to bring another roll of film, and I had just one shot left in the camera, so that's why I have just this one picture from Whitney.

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