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The Folbot arrived on Wed., 22 Dec.

It comes in two big bags.

I put it together that afternoon . . .

. . . and left for Lake Powell the morning of the 23rd.

I put in at Wahweap Marina boat ramp, launching at 2:25 pm in a dead calm. Proceeded due east, past marker number 9 and along the north side of Antilope Island. Darkness fell while I was in the narrow passage south of Romana Mesa. Continued on, waiting for moonrise. Moon rose around the time I passed marker number 19.

Camped night of 23/12 on shore under Dominguez Butte.

On 24/12 I departed around 10 am.

Rounding the headland around mile number 36 I encountered headwinds and 1 ft. waves, some whitecaps. Going east became slow and difficult. Attempted to make the crossing from mile number 38 headland on north side eastward, but waves and wind too strong. Picture here is of sheltered, lee side of peninsula around mile number 38.

Turned back and camped on sand beach the night of 24/12.

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