PCT 2000 - Jim Bruton's Thru Hike


I am off the trail. I reached Fish Lake, Oregon. This was 2/3 of the PCT. While I did not complete a Mexico to Canada thru-hike, I did extend my "personal best" distance by more than a factor of two, and learned, I think, a great deal along the way. That's not to mention that it was just a wonderful way to spend 3-1/2 months.

Physically I was pretty worn out, but now I'm fully recovered. I will be posting selected pictures here through the end of my journey. Thanks for visiting - enjoy the pictures.

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Postcard rendering of the PCT map

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27 May

5/26/00 approx. 10:30 am - me @ southern terminus marker.

5/30/00 3:06 pm a mile or two north of Pioneer Mail, Mt. San Jacinto on horizon.

5/31/00 9:55 am this burn area on the approach to Rodriguez Spur Truck Trail is the same one I photographed 2 yrs. ago, just one week after it burned.

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