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This is a collection of photos I have taken of 59 out of the 110 M objects. The M objects are bright nebulae, star clusters, and galaxies that make a good starting point for the amateur stargazer.

The images are in five categories: diffuse nebulae, open clusters, planetary nebulae, globular clusters, and galaxies.

The galaxies are subdivided into spiral galaxies, barred spiral galaxies, and elliptical galaxies.

You can read a description of my observatory, or look at astronomy-related links.

Or, click on one of the numbers below to go straight to a particular M object.

M001 M002 M003 M004 M005 M006 M007 M008 M009 M010
M011 M012 M013 M014 M015 M016 M017 M018 M019 M020
M021 M022 M023 M024 M025 M026 M027 M028 M029 M030
M031 M032 M033 M034 M035 M036 M037 M038 M039 M040
M041 M042 M043 M044 M045 M046 M047 M048 M049 M050
M051 M052 M053 M054 M055 M056 M057 M058 M059 M060
M061 M062 M063 M064 M065 M066 M067 M068 M069 M070
M071 M072 M073 M074 M075 M076 M077 M078 M079 M080
M081 M082 M083 M084 M085 M086 M087 M088 M089 M090
M091 M092 M093 M094 M095 M096 M097 M098 M099 M100
M101 M102 M103 M104 M105 M106 M107 M108 M109 M110


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