Name - Walt Jones    Email -
Date --     From - Bagdad,AZ
One of the old Wed.night teacher
dinner pals(from
you doing current updates? Leroy
and I both say HI and hope all is
well. This is my first visit to
your site--a great idea! Want to
return for future visits.

Name - Bettie Bren    Email -
Date --     From - Yakima, Wash.
My dream has been to hike thru the pct. I have hiked a few sections in Wash. & Ore. and we have such beautiful country. I am 70 yrs. old and still planning on a hike thru. I want to thank you for your journal and photos. I really enjoyed reading about the PcT. I tell everyone about the trail, cant imagine them never knowing it is there for us.

Name -     Email -
Date --     From - nw florida
Son is hiking trail since May - now headed south from WA to avoid Calif fires. Last msg from Snoqualmie sounds fine.

Name - Jim BrutonDate --     From - on the PCT at Ashland
Mike - Thanks you for working so hard on this site. It's great to see some of my pictures!!

Name - Dee Gillentine    Email -
Date --     From - Sharpsburg,Ga.
My son John meyer and his dog
Cyclone are also hiking the PCT,
they are in Oregon now (8/28/00) I
enjoy reading the journals of the
other hikers. Thank-You
Name - B HAYES    Email -
Date --     From - BOONE NC

Name - LeroyDate --     From - Bagdad

Name - Sammy Campbell    Email -
Date --     From - Utah
Great journal!

Name - David VanLew    Email -
Date --     From - Moorpark, CA
I enjoyed meeting you at Dardanelles and chatting with you as I drove you back up to Sonora Pass to continue your incredible
2200 mile hike from Mexico to Canada. Thank you for going down to see my brother who was being airlifted out of Wolf Creek Lake
because of severe back spasms. I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures of that event on your website.

Name - Charlie Hegenbart    Email - chegenbart
Date --     From - San Diego
That's my dream trip, also from Parker to Imperial. Great Pic's!!!! Thanks for the Info.

Name - terry    Email -
Date --     From - san diego, ca.
great pictures

Name - Deb     Email -
Date --     From - San Francisco, CA
Wonderful PCT photos! There's good depth in them. I have a limited number of the High Sierra section, and was very interested to see yours. There's one of Glen Pass that really shows the steepness and view. Wow. I don't think we met on the trail, but you probably were hiking real close to us this year. Can't wait to check out the rest of your site.

Name - Heidrun Kessler    Email -
Date --     From - still "homeless"
Hey Jim, Terrific website!!!

Name - Brian Toth    Email -
Date --     From - Charlottesville, VA
Nice PCT photos--a good reminder of our harrowing and beautiful journies this past summer. Think we were at the Kennedy Meadows "PCT enclave" the same days, though we only talked in passing. Perhaps I'll see you on the trail again sometime. Cheers, Brian

Name - Debra    Email -
Date --     From - school
Jim, thanks for the tour of your site. I loved the photographs, and appreciate your assistance.

Name - Troubadour    Email -
Date --     From - Seattle
Hey Jim,

Thanks for the photos. They brought back great memories from the '99 PCT adventure! Hope you are doing well!

Name - Tracey Helmstetler    Email -
Date --     From - Greensboro, NC
Hi Jim, the web page is great! What a great way to share all of your experiences with the less fortunate. Ha Ha!!
Glad you liked the t-shirt, now I want to see you wearing it on one of your trips. Take a picture and paste it on your web page.
talk with you soon. Lots of Love!

Name - Saly Hutcheson    Email -
Date --     From - Natural Bridge VA
Happy New Year and thanks for your memory of Peter. It is great as is this web site.

Name - John Pflaum    Email -
Date --     From - Denver,CO
Tim Haggerty, you dog you! Congratulations to you and Colleen on your wedding. Hope that the both of you are able to come up to Denver in July for Pat and Amy's wedding. We'd love to see you and meet Colleen! Best wishes to you both! John, Martha and Nadia Pflaum

Name - Amy    Email -
Date --     From - Denver, CO
Hi. I stopped in to see pictures from Tim & Coleen's wedding. I'm the fiance of Tim's cousin Patrick Pflaum. Looking forward to meeting Tim & Coleen and the rest of the Pflaums in July!

Name - Tim Haggerty    Email -
Date --     From - Prescott
Thanks for sharing. Speaking of sharing, how about sharing some of those Lotto winnings? If it wasn't for Sparky's b-day (9/27) you never would have won (he needs a new spine, poor thing). How come I never see you any more? I miss the old days, expounding on Kafka while we sifted through dumpsters. Remember that time you threw darts at me until I did my squealing Ned Beatty impression? So who are you with these days? Is it Jennifer, the actress, Sarah the heiress, or Lecretia, the call girl from Bayonne? Your mother called. She washed your blanky and wants to send it to you. She knows you hate that, but you know moms.

BTW loved the site. I noticed you didn't mention that little math error you made for NASA on the Mars probe. Well, I remember you grumbling about the low pay on that job - I guess you got the last laugh.

Name - Mary Blocksma    Email -
Date --     From - Beaver Island Arts
Hey Jim! I just upgraded my computer and I can enjoy pictures now. Lookin' good! Mary

Name - Brad    Email -
Date --     From - Sacramento, CA
Jim, you have a great website and I really like how you accompany the CCD images with a color photo as well. Keep up the great work!

Name - Stella Bruce (Mom)    Email -
Date --     From - San Diego
Jim, I'm so proud of you! I love all the things you're doing and glad you can share them in this way.

Name - Walter Biles    Email -
Date --     From - Bagdad, AZ
Visited your astronomy lab tonite.
Very interesting. Thanks
Name - Lia    Email -
Date --     From - 11/22/99
Andy and I climbed up Mt. Whitney with Jim during our 1999 PCT thru-hike.
We sat up there for a couple hours eating lunch, enjoying the high altitude
giggles, the blown up outhouse, and trying to spy on the PCT below, with our
monoculars! Jim: very nice web site!

Name - Julie    Email -
Date --     From - BAGDAD
Had to take a look at your site. it is great. Julie

Name - jim bruton    Email -
Date --     From - bagdad, az
test - very nice web site!

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